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Permanent Clarity With Laser Eye Surgery

If you’re tired of looking for your glasses or taking your contact lenses in and out, laser eye surgery may provide the convenience you’re looking for. As with any surgery, you’ll require an evaluation to see if you’re a good candidate. We’re here to discuss the options with you and determine whether or not you qualify.

Not only will we help to determine if you qualify for laser eye surgery, but we’ll also manage your pre and postoperative care. Please, book a consultation with us today.

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Types of Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery is also called refractive lens surgery. It refers to procedures that can correct vision problems caused by myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), or astigmatism. We provide consultations for LASIK and PRK surgeries.

Both types of laser eye surgery reshape your cornea, the part of the eye that bends and focuses light. They are very similar procedures, but there are a few small differences.

During LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) eye surgery, your surgeon makes a small flap in the corneal tissue and bends it back, creating a hinged flap. While this flap is bent back, the surgeon reshapes your cornea, then replaces the flap, which will heal on its own.

PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) eye surgery is similar to LASIK eye surgery, but instead of making a flap, the first of 5 layers of corneal tissue is removed. This allows the surgeon to reshape your cornea.

What Type of Laser Eye Surgery Is Right for Me?

Your optometrist will discuss the options with you and help determine whether LASIK or PRK is right for you.

Corneas that are too thin, a very active lifestyle, or severe dry eye may make LASIK a poor option for you. Likewise, a history of scarring or conditions that impact healing may rule out PRK.

No matter which option is best for you, it’s important that you are in good overall health and your eyeglass prescription is relatively stable. And realistic expectations for the outcome of the surgery are a must.

Gain Clarity Through a Consultation

It’s important to note that neither type of laser eye surgery guarantees perfect vision permanently. Depending on the strength of your prescription, laser eye surgery may simply lower your lens prescription. You might still need glasses or contact lenses after the surgery.

We’ll counsel you on what to expect during surgery at a consultation. We’ve developed excellent relationships with top surgeons in the Torrance area and will co-manage your procedure from beginning to end.

We’ll schedule you for follow up appointments after your procedure to help ensure your eyes are recovering according to plan. We’ll also help manage any side effects that might occur and put your mind at ease that your healing process is normal.

To begin your journey to clear vision, book a laser eye surgery consultation today.

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